Intellectual Development Milestones for toddlers (2-3 years)

All your queries related to the Intellectual development and Cognitive development of your toddler will be answered in this section which enumerates in detail various milestones achieved by your toddler in third year.

Intellectual Development Milestones for toddlers (24-28 months)

Your child will make great progress throughout this year as his language skills develop and he began to gather and express information in ways other than physical exploration alone.

The continued development of his memory, together with improving language skills means, means that your child is beginning to form mental images of how things happen, which leads to understanding of concepts.

Concepts such as in and out, dry and wet, soft and hard, over and under, are abstract ideas for toddler. By showing your toddler the meaning – up the stairs and down the stairs, hard wood and soft teddy bear and similarly will further his understanding.

Keep demonstrating and then explaining things to him, and he will gradually begin to understand more about how the world around him works.

Improving concentration

You can also see the effectiveness of your child’s memory at this age if you interrupt his activity to ask him a question. He can focus on you and then return to whatever he was doing. This is because now he cannot only remember what he was doing, but also the stage he had reached doing it.

Part of being able to develop this technique involves what psychologist call “Selective Attention” – the ability to switch off from outside stimuli and concentrate on one thing at a time.

Intellectual Development Milestones for toddlers (28-32 months)

Since memory is such an important part of what helps children develop intellectually, it is worth helping your child try to improve her memory skills.

Language Skills

By now your child’s vocabulary may include as many as 200-300 words. He may also be using connecting words between phrases such as “and”, while also adding details to her descriptions.

Bilingual children may initially tend to mix words from each language when they speak, but overall they should speak as fluent as their peers.

Asking Questions

With this acquired vocabulary comes the question, “Why?” The process questioning is valuable to your child as it helps him to understand, and it is likely to continue for many months. Answer the questioning simply allowing for development of thought, rather than overwhelming child with a complicated explanation.

Answering a two year old’s incessant questioning is rather an art, and trust me with time you will master it provided you promise to be honest in answering the questions.

Intellectual Development Milestones for toddlers (32-36 months)

Your child is now beginning to grasp the concept of simple number sequence and different categories. Your kid may start counting, like counting his toys, “I’m having three cars” and so on. But also he is learning the concept of categorization. 10 toy animals in total, but two pigs, two horses, three cows and three dogs.

Nursery Rhymes

The constant repetitions of the rhymes in early life, means that your child becomes familiar with different word sounds. They also engage his attention, helping him pick up information about language and how it works.

Personal References

Your child will now be able to converse with you in short sentences rather than just in phrases, and he may now be able to continue talking about a topic for a short period.

Your child will probably now refer to himself as “I” rather than by his name. this demonstrates how his cognitive skills have advanced over the year in identifying himself as an individual within family.

Visual Memories

As his language skills improve, you will notice how good your child’s memory and observation skills are becoming. You may be surprised to see how much detail he can give you about something with his enhanced vocabulary. Encourage this skill by asking him to describe events or experiences in more detail.

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